Thursday, 30 March 2023

Rotary Club of Maleny ,Bulletin for 5th April 2023

 "THE RANGE" VOL 64 No. 18                                                                                 

Maleny Hotel at 6:30 for 7:00pm for a Dinner Meeting with Guest Speaker Anna Carrick of Food Agribusiness Network.

                        5 Apr             19Apr                 3May
Duty Officer     Neal A            Jim A                 Peter McQ
ADO                Craig S           Ric T                 Greg W
Laurelle O       Bernice McL     Roly N
Fellowship      Rick V             John McL          Chris B

13May  0730 - 1030  James McC   Sherryl G   Chris B

             1030 - 1330   Rick V   Phillip S   Keith R

10Jun   0730 - 1030  Andy S   Bernice and John McLennan

             1030 - 1330  Paulette S   Greg W   Ric T

At the Vocational Night on 29 March, a great time was enjoyed by the ten participants who went along to do a play reading that Jill Morris had organised and hosted for us. She did a marvellous job of storytelling to set the reading up. Some of the Maleny Players joined in on the reading as well as we went around in a round-robin format taking on all the various parts in a play by David Williamson. As Michael said at the end of the evening - ‘The others missed out on a great night’. 

Add to that of course, the wine and beer that was drunk along with the pizzas eaten, and it was wonderful entertainment for the evening. A few possible thespians among us, maybe!!

Wood Expo Parking April 29/30 and May 1
Another reminder to those who haven’t put their name down to do shifts at some point during this long weekend. We know we have some who simply can’t do it, however if you’re fit and able and you’re not going away for the long weekend or working, it would be great if you could give us a couple of hours at least of your time. It takes the pressure off some who are prepared to work long hours each day to ensure that we have the parking covered.

Another begging email has been sent around today by Bernice so please read it and reply.

 Casino Night Saturday May 13
Ric Townsend is going all out to make this a fun and memorable night for everyone and raise some money, which I’m told, will be going to TS Centaur and Maleny Mens Shed, who both need some funds to upgrade their respective buildings. 

Ric is going around town talking to everyone who stands still long enough to encourage them to come along to this night. It would be good if you can come and coerce a couple of your friends to come along as well. Let’s dress up in our best Gangsters and Flappers attire! 

President Paulette opened the meeting by welcoming members and partners as well as Bruce Kelly and his wife Sissel. The highlight of the evening was the induction of Bruce as a member of the Club in a ceremony conducted  by Rick V, assisted by Paulette.

.Bruce was originally from Langley, Vancouver whilst Sissel is from Elverum in Norway, There are a lot of.lakes in Canada and Bruce became a float plane pilot before moving overseas in a number of different ventures. Bruce and Sissel finally relocated to Australia looking for new adventures and work opportunities. Once here, Bruce acquired his commercial pilots licence. He has also held various corporate positions. 
They first visited Maleny in 1982 and finally chose to settle here 5 years ago. Sissel has been a volunteer at the Visitors Centre in Maple Street for over 4 years. Bruce wanted to give our community and, after speaking to Rick V and Greg W, choose to join our Club saying he felt it was the right choice for him.
Paulette and Rick.V completed the induction and Greg will be Bruce's mentor. We are grateful to have both Bruce and Sissel join our Rotary family,.

In other business P Paulette confirmed that the Wood Expo on the long weekend of 29 April to 1 May would need all hands on deck.  Could members please confirm their availability to Bernice or Chris.  This event is a major fund raiser for our Club.

Ric T reported that arrangements for the Casino Night at the RSL on 13 May were being finalised and asked for names of attendees.

He also distributed to those present a copy of the Get Ready Maleny leaflet as a guide to individual preparations for possible disasters.

Michael G spoke about the earthquake in  Turkey and Syria, emphasising the positive role played by ShelterBox. The search is on for a local Shelter Box Champion. If any members are Interested in this position, please speak to Michael or Paulette.

If this was not enough excitement for the evening, those present bravely bore the money raising efforts of Sergeant Chris.

The meeting was closed at 8:50pm.
05Apr  Maleny Hotel at 6:30 for 7:00pm for a Dinner Meeting with Guest Speaker Anna Carrick of Food & Agribusiness Network.

12Apr  Board Meeting.

19Apr  Maleny Hotel at 6:30 for 7:00pm for a Business Meeting.

29Apr - 1May  Car parking duties at Wood Expo.

13th Jeff and Jan Cornfoot  18th Brian and Gillian Allen  26th Bill and Marlene Hankinson

1st Nancy Baker  4th Phillip Stark  12th Chris B  23rd John McLennan  27th  Andy Schouteten and John Whan


An online edition of the paper carried this great photograph and a story.  Apparently Bill came as a good Samaritan to help a motorist who had punctured a tyre in one of the pot holes in the road by Bill's property.  Bill helped him to change the wheel and sent him on his way,

The driver was so impressed that he later returned with this gift of a splendid boot jack which he had made.

Well done Bill !!