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Bulletin for 22 June 2011

"THE RANGE" The Rotary Club of Maleny Inc Bulletin Vol. 52 No. 50


El Presidente is resting this week, pending a final dash to the finishing line.


Mike Norman, President of the Maleny District Sports and Recreation Club will outline for us the organisation’s thoughts of the Maleny Precinct project.


                             22nd June      29th June          6th July         14th July
Duty Officer          Dick A          Sherryl G         Lloyd L         Rick V
Registration          Chris B          Charlotte G      Brian A         Greg S
ADO                     Jim A            Terry S             Dave E          Tony H
Fellowship            Mike G          Pat K               Andy S         Tony L
Scribe                   Jim A             Terry S            Dave E          Tony H


25th June
Brian Allen  Jim Atkinson  Greg Stevens  Tony Loughnan

9th July
Debra Lynde  Keith Rogers  Malcolm Baker  Bill Hankinson

23rd July
Bernice McLennan  Lynda Radcliffe  Chris Brooker  John McLennan


Forty guests and members attended the Club’s Pride of Workmanship Awards Dinner at Tranquil Park last Wednesday. The theme of this year’s awards was “Acknowledging the work of the Emergency Services sector in our community” and three very worthy young people were recognised on the night.
The Awards ceremony was chaired by Sherryl with President Rick presenting the plaques and certificates to the awardees.  The first to be recognised was SCOTT HUMPHRIES, who was nominated by Pamela O’Connor, Group leader of the Maleny SES, with support from the Maleny and District Rural Fire Brigade and the Maleny Naval Cadet Unit TS Centaur. Scott is an active member of all these organisations as well as being a student at Maleny High School.

The second to be recognised was LISA HARVEY, who was nominated by Rick Page of the Conondale Rural Fire Brigade. Lisa is still at school, but also manages to work part-time at Rachel Leigh Optometrists as well as dedicating time to learn the skills needed to be a fire-fighter in the Conondale Rural Fire Brigade.

The third to be recognised was JENNY HAWKE who was nominated by Craig Farmiloe of the Montville Rural Fire Brigade. As a young mother Jenny still finds time to be an active and dedicated member of both the community and the Montville Rural Fire Brigade.

Prior to the Awards ceremony Debra, Lynda, Michael and President Rick highlighted some of the projects being undertaken by the Maleny Club as well as Rotary International, so that the guests on the night were able to better understand what Rotary is all about.


Our Changeover Dinner to be held at Flaxton Gardens on Wednesday 29th June 6.30 for 7. Partners welcome.  A bus is being organised to transport members to and from Flaxton Gardens.

A progressive dinner is being planned ( I think!) so details will be made public in the near future. This type of event is a great way to interact with other members & have a fun night.

A Mystery Car trip is planned for Sunday 10th July. Assembly at the High School 9.30 with departure 10am. Several different routes to be taken for about a 2 hour drive. Lots of fun (penalties  for arguing with your partner!). Cost $10 per car with lunch available for purchase at the destination. Brian Doyle
needs numbers by Wednesday 6th July.



Four clubs in D9600, Glass House Mountains; Maleny; Kingaroy and Samford Valley are to be congratulated as they have fulfilled the criteria and completed 5 literacy-related activities this year.  Two compulsory activities are specified and then clubs can plan any another 3 for the year. The first compulsory activity relates to celebrating International Literacy day around 8  September and the second is to plan a literacy activity for March, the month set aside by RI for literacy.

Further information is on the D9600 website. Some clubs have appointed a Literacy champion to facilitate the planning of the activities and this seems to have worked well. All activities for the Literacy award need to be completed by 30th  April and paperwork submitted.

Some of the activities completed by the 4 clubs are: 
• Guest speaker – Head of English from the local high school.
• Sent books to the Solomon Islands.
• Funded 6 new computers for the local school library to assist with literacy and computer literacy.
• Guest speaker on the topic of adult literacy.
• Donated picture story books to families of Prep children at the local school.
• Funded a local high school student to attend a Literacy workshop. He then visited the club as a guest speaker.
• Gently used books donated to the local neighbourhood centre.
• Funded an e-reader program at a local school.
• Initiated a Rotary Reader Program where 30 volunteers are working in 3 local schools.
• Donated a Tales from a Dilly Bag kit. 


Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience. 
Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.  
The last thing I want to do is hurt you. But it's still on the list.

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