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Rotary Maleny Bulletin Wednesday 8th June 2011

"THE RANGE" The Rotary Club of Maleny Inc Bulletin Vol. 52 No. 48


Well what a weekend!!. To those who can barely lift their arms or move their feet to reach for and read the bulletin, I wish to personally thank each and everyone who helped out at the Maleny Show. I watched as everyone, just everyone,
pitched and did more than was required – from those manning the front
gate, giving a welcoming Rotary smile to the thousands of visitors, to the BBQ
“chefs” dodging hot oil and colourful suggestions from all directions , to those
trying to translate the customers orders over the incessant show commentary and music, and of course the food assemblers, peelers, slicers and cleaners, as well as the those on Sunday morning refurbishing the stall and items. – all of you who made this massive effort a stand out success. I must also make special mention of the Interactors who were prepared to do any job and continuously showed diligence, calmness and grace under pressure and wasn’t there some
pressure at times? This next generation of leaders are something we can be
proud to be associated with.

The proof is in the pudding as they say. We has a gross income of about $16
000, so after settling the pizza partnership, and removing floats plus all the groceries, we should do better than $8,000, more or less.
"No Runny eggs you'll mess up the ladies dresses"

Our Treasurer will give you a better figure soon, possibly after the Board Meeting next week. Whatever the figure, your efforts have been justified, as well as
the camaraderie and teamwork that went into every product sold. It was also a
lot of fun. The other good news is that despite our best efforts to empty the supermarket shelves of all their soft drinks, eggs, bacon and meat, we eventually sold out at about 7. 12 pm. Regular menu items were abandoned about 6.30 with creative combinations of leftovers being sold to those still hungry enough (salad roll with onion and mustard?). The result –very little wastage, which means all the more to the bottom line.

Running out of stock... again!
Last week’s meeting we were beaten by technology in viewing the website so
please follow Ric’s directions and check out your new website. We will need
your best photos and words to bring it to life.
"What a great cook I am"
To those who attended the District Assembly at Caboolture, I know there is always something to learn or someone new and interesting to meet. I hope you did both.

Don’t forget to let Geoff C know if you are coming with partners to the Pride of Workmanship awards and or the Changeover Dinner. We need the numbers and
dietary requirements for catering purposes.

This week we will be treated to the Interactors as out hosts and guides around
the high schools, plus an insight into some educational challenges by our guest
speaker – our very own Brian K. See you at the High School at 6.30 for 7 pm.

Yours in Rotary Rick


Our nominated guest speaker was unable to attend due to Maleny Show commitments so our very own member Ric Townsend offered to give a demonstration of the revamped Maleny Rotary Club web site. Unfortunately after many attempts to rectify the technical issue this was not able to be presented in the form that it was planned. However Ric did a good job in explaining the site with the aid of his laptop screen as to how the project was progressing to date. Ric is calling for any information and photographs of any projects that Rotary have undertaken in the past that members have for him to enter into the site to make it interesting reading . Ric explained that blogging was the preferred easier method of entering information and more accessible for members to peruse, however there were not many “bloggers” present on the night. Members from each avenue of service could enter their reports into the blog along with the weeklybulletin and other relative Rotary information which will be accessible by all members. Suggestions were put forward that people may be interested in advertising their business on the site and therefore bring some revenue for the club. The need for someone to volunteer the job of marketing the possibility of advertising within the business community is there for the taking. The club appreciates the time that Ric is putting into this project as it is very time consuming and often very frustrating.


8th June - Meeting at High School with Interactors with member, Brian King talking on educational reform.

Duty                8th June         15th June        22nd June       29th June    
Duty Officer    B Hall            S Wright        D Andrew      S Gregory    
Registration     J Cornfoot      B Doyle         C Brooker     C Golding    
ADO                B King           M Keane        J Atkinson     T Sternberg    
Fellowship       L Radcliffe    K Rogers       M Gregory     P Kuijpers    
Scribe              B King           M Keane        J Atkinson     T Sternberg


11th June Mike Gregory Bob Hall Charlotte Golding Sherryl Gregory

25th June Brian Allen Jim Atkinson Greg Stevens Tony Loughnan

9th July Debra Lynde Keith Rogers Malcolm Baker Bill Hankinson


15th June -Pride of Workmanship Awards night at Tranquil Park
22nd June Mike Norman President of MDSRC on perspectives on
the Precinct.

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