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Bulletin for 13 July 2011 Vol. 53 No. 2

"THE RANGE" The Rotary Club of Maleny Inc Bulletin Vol. 53 No. 2
Wednesday 13 July 2011


This will be a general meeting at the Maleny Hotel at 6:30pm for 7:00pm.
Please tender meal apologies to Geoff Coughlan by noon Tuesday

                           13th July             20st July             27th July  
Duty Officer        Tony L               Debra L              Ric T
Registration         Greg S               Chris B               John W
ADO & Scribe     Tony H              Malcolm B         John McL
Fellowship           Bernice McL      Rick V               Geoff C


23rd July
Bernice McLennan  Lynda Radcliffe  Chris Brooker  John McLennan

6th August
Lionel Tilley   Angela Griffin   Lynda Radcliffe   Ric Townsend


The Club's involvement in the Vision Project provided us with a vision “to be a vibrant Rotary Club with a diverse membership, serving our community and making a positive difference in the world”. 

To achieve that vision the following four critical success factors (CSFs) were identified:-
1. Growing our membership.
2. Conducting effective service projects.
3. Supporting The Rotary Foundation.
4. Developing future leaders at and above the Club level.

The most important issue is the retention and recruitment of our membership, without that the remaining issues become irrelevant.  At the meeting I explained the means of achieving the CSFs and this will be the focal point on the new Board's agenda.  Change may engender a degree of discomfort among some members and that is understandable, however, as President I cannot ignore the fact that we have a declining membership and it is imperative that we address the issue.  RI have also recognised that membership worldwide is decreasing, and that how we meet as a Club needs to be more flexible.  I ask you as members to consider factors that would contribute to making our Club more attractive to potential members.


23 places were set, 17 were occupied.
President Mike Keane opened the meeting, under the shadow of the third and deciding game of “ State of Origin “ Football  for 2011.

Directors Reports received from :

• Chris Booker acknowledged for delivering DIK to Brisbane.
• Trevor Taylor preparing DIK shipment.
• “Splendour in the Grass” sold 30,000 tickets, with “Coldplay” booked for week-end.
• Ebenezer Bush Dance, this week end needs additional support other than Bob and Sue Hall.

• “Tiber Toga” books of accounts in the process of finalisation.

•  Confirmed financial books and records in order.

• Personal details sheet being circulated at this meeting for all details to be confirmed.

Acting Sergeant Bill as usual did a sterling job,raising both mirth and funds with his perfected system of questionable fines. Keith Rogers managed to have his hands in all the right places to score an untested (but winless) scratchy.

President Mike, then took the opportunity of expanding on his ideas, previously expressed at the Change Over Dinner of the direction and priorities for the club in the coming year.  The considerable work on vision and structure undertaken by Past President Rick and Tony Holmes was generously acknowledged.  The question of poor membership retention and the challenges to be addressed have and are being researched, including interviews with past members, some of whom indicate possible renewal in changed circumstances.

Specifics raised included
• Vision of our Club is to be known for its vibrance/diversity/making a positive contribution in the community.
• Growing membership.
• Effective Service activity in the community.
• Support for RF.
• Mutually supporting our Club Membership at a personal level.
• Membership of 65 as a 3 year target.
• Acceptance that personal time is a major challenge for membership, current & potential.
• Money is a secondary to time as a membership constraint
• Children are probably creating a bigger time demand on this generation than in the past.
• Focus on on female recruitment to be supported by Bernice, Angela and Charlotte.
• Focus on Maple St business, currently under represented, in our membership.
• Review and discuss our meeting frequency,location and format.
• Consideration of more vertical integration and mentoring, i.e. Rotary/Interact.
• Review of our Club ByLaws/Constitution under District guidance
• Seek to replicate the effective activities displayed in Tiber Toga, Splendour in the Grass and Maleny Show.
• Support and assist Rick’s Board membership at Mary Cairncross.
• Enhance club linkage with other Service local clubs and across our Rotary District.
• Seek additional PNG/New Hebrides DIK opportunities
• Enhance support for RF,RI,Shelter Box,with evaluation of Centurion Club monthly fee.
• Support development of future leaders.
• Build Rotary knowledge, possibly through 5 minute presentations by our Directors and Past Presidents as part of our meeting agenda.
• Appreciation that all involvement by membership is voluntary, that Board decisions as a general principle follow resolution of issues after discussion with club membership.
• Clarity, structure and visibility are taken as key guiding principles.

The meeting closed following questions and discussion on :
1. What review of the constitution/bylaws is possible.
2. What future form of opening toast the membership would prefer.
3. Discussion of relative merits of the historic bulletin or the new blog format.


20th July    Meeting at the Maleny Hotel.  Details to be announced.

6th August  A Club Progressive Dinner will be held commencing at 6.30 pm. 
                   The volunteer hosts are Jim and Elaine Atkinson, Mike and Judy
                   Keane, and Roly and Kerry Nieper.
                   Please confirm your attendance with Brian Doyle.


Can any one copy a VCR tape on to a DVD?  We need to upgrade our Bike
Ed material  for schools.
If you can help, please contact Brian Doyle.


A group from the Club recently took part in a working bee at MCP. Thanks to Lionel for the pictorial evidence.

Nice gloves fellows!


Brian Alllen's sausage sizzle team on Saturday were delighted when they were approached by the winner of this year's Calendar Photographic competition. He donated his prize of $250 to the Club and asked that it be put towards our ShelterBox fund.


Rotarians, Partners and friends had  an enjoyable day out on Sunday when they joined in the Mystery Car Tour. Although the participation was disappointing all enjoyed the sunny winter day. There were two different journeys, one through Kenilworth, and the other through Nambour which led us to the very old Kin Kin Hotel for a good old country hotel lunch. Along each route there were a few questions that needed to be answered and the navigator’s observance was tested a few times. We all drove on roads less frequently travelled which made the trip so much more interesting even though one car, who shall remain nameless was a little late for lunch. We must sincerely thank Brian & Pam Doyle who put a lot of time and effort into organizing this social event which is the first one for this new Rotary year. The scenery was great, the venue was great and the company  so enjoyable, just a pity a few more club members were not able to come and enjoy the fellowship.


25 July  Jean Edmonds




A study of comparative religions?
First Kiwi: " Hey bro, what's a Hindu?"
Second Kiwi: " Lays eggs bro."

10th July 2011

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