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Maleny Rotary Bulletin Vol. 53 No. 43 for 16 May

"THE RANGE" The Rotary Club of Maleny Inc Bulletin Vol. 53 No. 43

Wednesday 16th May 2012


Maleny High School at 6:30 for 7:00 pm for Club Assembly - special hats to be worn to mark Rotary Health Hat Day.  Please confirm attendance to Pres. Karen ASAP for catering.


Please tender meal apologies to Karen Binstead by noon Tuesday.

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Duty Officer                      Chris B              Bill H             Not required

Registration                       Bernice McL     Chris B          Karen B

ADO & Scribe                    Keith R              Lionel T        Not required

Fellowship                         John McL          Lloyd L         Not required


26 May
Rick Vickers (Leader)  Bernice McLennan  John McLennan   Jeff Cornfoot

9 Jun
Keith Rogers (Leader)  Bill Hankinson  Lloyd Larney  Geoff Coughlan


Our Club lectern has reappeared and Chairman Malcolm opened the meeting at the Big Barrel and welcomed our special guests, several partners, AG Will Waterford, and members.  He then introduced our MC for the evening, Sherryl, who explained the format of the meeting and in turn introduced Vocational Director, Charlotte.  She explained the purpose of the awards – do it once, do it well, build a better Australia and how we recognise the worthiness of all vocations.  She then introduced the awardees, Yvette, owner of Hair on Maple, Jenny Lunt from Maleny Library and Mark Hutchinson owner of Maple 3.  They in turn introduced their many guests.  Another awardee Susan Johnston, Postmistress at Montville P.O., could not be with us.

Mine host

After a plentiful supply of delicious finger food and much fellowship, MC Sherryl gave our guests a very comprehensive introduction to the work of the Rotary Club of Maleny at home and overseas which was received with much surprise and acclamation as our guests had no idea of the breadth of our service.  Dessert and coffee followed and Charlotte and AG Will then made the presentations to the Pride in Workmanship awardees:  

Yvette, owner of Hair On Maple, lives locally with her lovely family, is a highly talented professional hairdresser and operates her own salon in the arcade at 39 Maple Street, Maleny.  She uses quality organic products and offers top quality advice on hair conditioning and styling but what makes her so special is her genuine care for her clients and their welfare.  She always has a smile for you and squeezes in an appointment if you've left it late and have a special event; and forgives you if a senior moment means you forget your appointment!   Not only that, if you don't turn up, she'll ring around to make sure you've not come to harm.  To Yvette her clients are part of her extended family.   Yvette loves Maleny and her business contributes to the energy and economic viability of the town.  She richly deserves to be recognised for the wonderful care and support she offers all her clients - she not only gives your hair a treat, she lifts your spirits.

Jenny Lunt from Maleny Library is the epitome of tolerance, interacting with all age groups at the library, entrancing youngsters with her flute playing, helping older people who look a little lost and patiently instructing them on using the computer and self-registering loan unit.  She is always looking to whom she may help, not waiting for people to approach her.  She never gets upset and is a shining example of an amazing young person who is a perfect example of service above self. Her transfer to Kawana is their gain and Maleny’s loss and we hope she can return one day.

Mark Hutchinson operates Maple 3 cafe in Maple Street, Maleny.  He is cheerful and welcoming to all customers and trains his staff to display these qualities also.  He offers consistent quality and value in the cuisine which is offered both at Maple 3 and in his catering activities.  He possesses a community spirit demonstrated through his permitting community groups to use his premises as a small meeting venue and the use of the walls of Maple 3 to display the work of various community photographic and art groups.

Susan Johnston (postmistress at Montville P.O.) - the nominator didn't provide a lot of comment.  Simply to say that she combines efficiency with an unfailingly friendly and cheerful attitude for every customer and that she takes the time to be a "listening ear" for each - a valuable quality in what is essentially a small country community.

The awardees were all humbled and pleased with their awards and thanked the Club.  MC Sherryl thanked all those in attendance and the Big Barrel staff for hosting us. Yvette made a plea on behalf of a Maleny Showgirl entrant who will be selling lilies for $10 a bunch at the RSL Markets to raise funds.

Chairman Malcolm closed yet another excellent vocational event.


Poverty and hunger were the targets of the second plenary session of the 2012 RI Convention, as a variety of award-winning speakers encouraged Rotarians to use their ingenuity to solve these global challenges.

Microcredit pioneer Muhammad Yunus, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, commended Rotarians for their work in developing microcredit loans for the poor. The founder of Grameen Bank also encouraged Rotarians to pursue social business enterprises that would work with microcredit-funded businesses not just to produce revenue but also to return profits to the communities where they operate.  As an example, Yunus highlighted a joint venture between Grameen Bank and Danone, a European food company, to produce high-nutrition yogurt for children in Bangladesh. The goal is to reduce malnutrition while creating manufacturing and distribution jobs.

“In today’s world, we use money to make money, not solve problems,” said Yunus. “If we use money creatively in a business framework, we can solve any problem.”  Recently, Grameen Bank also joined forces with Adidas to produce shoes that cost less than US$1 per pair. The affordable shoes help prevent infection by foot parasites in poor communities.  “My dream is to one day take poverty out of our society and put it in a museum that our grandchildren can visit to see what it was like,” Yunus said.

Antipoverty crusader Hugh Evans, co-founder and CEO of the Global Poverty Project, said Rotary can use its considerable influence to fight poverty. “Like Rotary, we believe that mass mobilization of individuals can effect real change in the world,” Evans said. “When we focus on the needs of others, our own burdens become lighter. Our perspective sharpens.  This idea, the same one that drives you as Rotarians, guides our work at the Global Poverty Project,” he said.

Gillian Sorensen, senior adviser and national advocate at the United Nations Foundation, encouraged Rotarians to work with governments to solve global problems including poverty, hunger, illiteracy, and lack of access to clean drinking water and sanitation.  “What is clear is that problems like this are too great for governments alone to resolve,” said Sorensen, who has served in many positions at the UN including assistant secretary-general for external relations. “They need partners of every kind, from private sector to civil organizations like yours, who have the means to contribute and lead.”  Sorensen said Rotary, which has a 66-year relationship with the UN, continues to be an active and influential presence at the organization’s headquarters in New York. “You play a similar role with UNICEF, UNESCO, and WHO,” she adds.

Angelique Kidjo, Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter and activist, said the world has many health issues for which there are no solutions, but added that “the most frustrating are the ones for which we have a solution and not enough is being done.”  Kidjo, who was named a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 2002, said Rotary’s “This Close” campaign is the right message to help eradicate polio for good.  “What I love about [the campaign] is that a simple goal is set,” she said. “We know eradication is possible. With your goodwill and energy, this goal is achievable.”
Kidjo also performed several songs.

In other convention news, Rotarians attempted to create the world’s biggest smile during an event at the Convention Center 6 May. Exactly 2,012 attendees wore blue and yellow ponchos and stood in the form of a smiley face. The event will be registered with Ripley’s Believe It or Not.


19th May  Working bee at High School at 7:30am - contact Malcolm.

23rd May  State of Origin Game 1 at RSL.

24th May  RI President's Dinner at the Gabba.

27th May Launch of ‘A Parish Odyssey (The Dobson Years)’ by Jack Wilcox at the Maleny Catholic Centre at 10:30am.

27th May District Assembly at St Columban's College.

30th May Joint Clubs meeting at USC. Partners' Night with bus provided.

1st & 2nd June  Maleny Show.


4th Angela G  18th Cilla V  27th Geoff C  


2nd David & Karen



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