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Rotary Club of Maleny Bulletin for 15th January 2014

"THE RANGE"  Vol. 55 No. 12

Wednesday 15th January 2014


Maleny Hotel at 6:30 for 7:00pm with Guest Speaker Andrea Mandal of Dili Dreaming.


Please tender apologies to Bernice McLennan by noon Tuesday.

                                 Jan 15     15 Feb            
Duty Officer             Malcolm B           Jim A        
Registration              Robin T              Chris B

ADO & Scribe           Angela G            Jeff C
Fellowship                 Lionel T            John McL            

18th January
John McLennan (Leader)  Bernice McLennan  Ric Townsend

1st February
Lionel Tilley (Leader)  John Whan  Rick Vickers


President Ric opened the meeting and welcomed our guest speaker, Jim Goulton of Maleny Jewellers. He also advised that Jim would give his talk immediately after the meal was completed as he needed to make an early departure.

Whilst waiting for the meal service Jim A answered some questions which were raised at the recent Club Assembly regarding the audited budget papers.

Rick V announced the imminent demise of the management committee of the Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve. It is proposed that an advisory panel of experts will oversee the management of the park for the council. Rotary should still retain some input as part of community consultation.  Rick also had information
regarding an offer of 14kg of sausages and 8kg of onions which were surplus to requirements of the Montville school P&C sausage sizzle.  They have been frozen and could well be utilised at the upcoming sausage sizzle and Christmas carnival.

After the meal Malcolm B introduced Jim Goulton, a manufacturing jeweller, whose business is located in the Riverside Centre. It seems that Malcolm had known Jim, a Conondale lad, since he was a passenger on Malcolm’s school bus.  Jim commented that he was surprised to see females in the audience as he still had
the impression that Rotary was male only and had focused his talk on the technology side of his work.  He commenced by speaking of the changes he had made to the business since its acquisition. Its previous focus on clock and watch repairs was altered to filling more ‘everyday’ jewellery needs. Jim believes that to succeed in his business, you need to tap community needs and employ passionate people. His community commitment saw him donate $27,000 to various local charities last year.

The next section of his presentation included a ‘hands on’ inspection of some actual jewellery pieces and some of the tools, also used by engravers, which he uses.  Interestingly he showed how a 3D image of the Rotary wheel could be displayed by a computer programme he has. This could be transferred to a 3D
printer and a wax model produced. This technology saves time and wastage of materials as an order can be known and manufactured in a day. The programme which converts and displays items in this way was a substantial outlay of $10,000 when purchased but the advance of technology has lowered today’s cost. Jim
explained in detail the complicated process which leads from the design to a finished product.

During his training Jim gained skills which enable him to complete a whole piece, including the setting of gems. Without these skills he would have had to send items away for specialised setters to complete the piece.  He presented something a little different in a ring made from a material called mokune gane which is comprised of folded layers of different coloured metals. An effect almost like wood grain can be achieved when the outer layers are removed.

Finally, Jim touched on the marketing side of his business. While he has a website he finds that it brings little business whereas he has had good sales through a Facebook presence. In the early years of his business and after several break-ins in a short period he experienced some financial difficulty and tried a major marketing push. While this was successful, the costs and taxes involved proved it uneconomical and he rebuilt slowly with the support of the community.

Jim had brought a small gift of jewellery which he presented to the holder of a numbered catalogue previously distributed.  Charlotte was lucky enough to hold that number and as the giver of the vote of thanks actually exchanged gifts before Jim had to leave.

Following the Sergeant’s session Jim Atkinson called for volunteers for the Street carnival on 13th December and covered some organisational matters. Those volunteering for set-up will need to be there at 5.00pm.

President Ric then requested once more that we seek people who would be Friends of Maleny Rotary to add to a list which might be accessed for helpers when we are short handed.


The Sunshine Safari made its annual visit to Maleny on 10th December and was entertained - and fed - by Club members at the Showground.  Many thanks to Deb for the photographs.


Paul Sawtell died at Peace River in Canada having recently been diagnosed with cancer. Paul joined our Club in 1999 on his arrival from Canberra.  His classification was Financial Planning and he quickly became Treasurer (Thanks Jack).  Paul also ran a cattle stud breeding operation.

He resigned on his migration to Canada but became a member of the Peace River Club.  He returned to Maleny annually and always visited the Club at those times.  He was last here in February 2013 when he attended the Rotary Birthday Party and cut the cake.

He was always full of enthusiasm for life and his passing is a shock and a cause of sadness.


18th January
Garage Sale at the Baptist Church.

22nd January
Masonic Hall at 7:00pm for Club Assembly.

26th January
Australia Day Expo at the Showground.

29th January
Vocational - TBA

5th February
Maleny Hotel at 6:30 for 7:00pm with Guest Speaker Nick Clancy of SCRC on Land for Wildlife.

12th February
Board Meeting at the Masonic Hall.

19th February
Maleny Hotel at 6:30 for 7:00pm with Guest Speaker Andy Fairburn on Ancient Civilisations in Turkey.

28-30th March
District Conference at Maroochydore RSL Conference Centre.

1st Malcolm and Nancy

1st Jan Cornfoot  21st Mike Gregory




Three men were hiking through a forest when they came upon a large raging, violent river.  Needing to get to the other side, the first man prayed:

'God, please give me the strength to cross the river.'

Poof! .. God gave him big arms and strong legs and he was able to swim across in about 2 hours, having almost drowned twice.

After witnessing that, the second man prayed:

'God, please give me the strength and the tools to cross the river'

Poof! .. God gave him a rowing boat and strong arms and strong legs and he was able to row across in about an hour after almost capsizing once.

Seeing what happened to the first two men, the third man prayed:

'God,please give me the strength, the tools and the intelligence to cross the river'

Poof! .. He was turned into a woman.

She checked the map, hiked one hundred yards up stream and walked across the bridge.

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