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Rotary Club of Maleny Bulletin for 28th June 2017

"THE RANGE"  Vol. 58 No.22


The Orangery at 6:30 for 7:00pm for Changeover Night

DUTY ROSTERS                       
                            28th June           5 July              19 July
Duty Officer                                    Andy S          Sherryl G                      
Assist DO                                       Keith R          Chris B                              
Registration                                   John McL       Lionel T           
Fellowship                                     Robin H         Melinda M             

1st July
Chris Brooker (Leader)  Bill Hankinson  Ric Townsend

15th July
Jim Atkinson  (Leader)  Jeff Cornfoot  Roly Neiper

In the absence of President Jeff, who is currently overseas, President Elect Alan chaired the meeting. 

The Guest speaker was Conondale resident John King accompanied by his wife Mary. John & Mary have been making Rainforest Liqueurs on site since 2000. While John & Mary have owned their property in Conondale since 1988, it wasn’t until 1996 that they applied to the Council to establish a distillery on their land. Council approval was finally granted in 1997 and it then took another three years before Government approval was granted to commence producing Liqueurs. The conditions of the Licence required them to have a Commercial Kitchen to manufacture the Liqueurs, build an insulated Bond Store and to top it all off, they are only permitted to sell their Liqueurs at the Cellar Door or Wholesale.

John & Mary collect fruits, berries, flowers and leaves from native Australian trees and shrubs, mainly from the Maleny and Conondale areas, but need to travel further afield to source some of the raw materials needed to make their Liqueurs. As an example they need to travel to the Brigalow Belt of Central Queensland to obtain the Australian Desert Lime, from which they produce their “Kandertal Liqueur”, which is described as a “Liqueur with a distinctive lime family flavour”. The liqueurs are made by obtaining an extract from the raw materials and then distilling the liquid. John & Mary produce 16 different liqueurs, and those present at the meeting were pleased to see that they had brought along most of the 16 for taste testing! Needless to say, that due to the unprecedented interest by the members present in trying anything alcoholic, President Elect Alan closed the meeting after which taste testing continued!

It was suggested that maybe the Club could visit John & Mary’s property as a Vocational visit later in the year to learn more about the process of making Liqueurs as well as to undertake a walk through the property and that of a neighbour, so that the actual trees that are used to make the liqueurs can be identified. John advised the meeting that anyone wishing to purchase the Liqueurs can purchase them in the Bottle Shop of the Maleny Hotel, or from the cellar Door in Conondale.

Jim moved a vote of thanks to John & Mary.

Other points of Interest;
·       Bernice thanked all who helped at the Show Stall, particularly the Friends of Rotary, Rotary Partners and members of the MSHS Interact Club. The Stall was very successful with most stock selling out on Saturday evening.
·       Jim advised the meeting that while takings were slightly down on the 2016 Show the Club would still make a profit of over $7,000.
·       Jim thanked all members who helped at the Show Gate on Friday and made particular mention of the work of Chris (I can’t so NO) Brooker, who was on the Gate from 5.45 am until after 7 pm.

Susie Duncan Coordinator, Hinterland Bush Links Inc. gave us a great talk on connecting bush to conserve our flora and fauna.  Originally from Victoria Susie fell in love with the Maleny district due to our abundance of wildlife.

Hinterland Bush Links was set up in 2011 in recognition of the threats posed by both the loss and fragmentation of our bush in this region. Small, isolated blocks of vegetation have limited habitat value but connecting them with broad wildlife corridors greatly enhances the worth of all remnant vegetation. Linkages enable wildlife to access more habitat, and nomadic species can readily follow seasonal blossom and fruit, pollinating flowers and dispersing seed on the way. On a wider scale, connecting bush is critical to the migration of birds and flying foxes and the adaptation of species to climate change.

Within the project they work closely with landholders to assist them with restoring habitat on their properties. This includes weed management and revegetation work to improve the health of their bush as well as achieving ecologically valuable linkages with neighbours and conservation reserves.

They also assist landholders with this bush restoration through our fortnightly Roving Restorers volunteer program.

They have a strategic project to eradicate Cats Claw, Madeira Vine and Dutchman’s Pipe from the Upper Mary River catchment. They also run a Subtropical Forests Ecology Course annually.

She had some great local wildlife pics and you can see more here:

John Byrne Principal of the Maleny State School also gave us a short talk on the value of mentors for some of the young children who have difficulty in fitting into school life. He has seen great success when these children have access to another neutral and supportive adult in their life. John is seeking individuals who are interested in becoming mentors. Blue Cards and training will be arranged by the school. The school can be contacted on 5499 8333 if you are interested in becoming a mentor.

2nd July
Parking duties at Muscle on the Mountain.
5th July
Maleny Hotel at 6:30 for 7:00pm with Guest Speaker Louise Hickey on Maleny Eventing.

12th July
Board Meeting at the Masonic Hall.

19th July
Maleny Hotel at 6:30 for 7:00pm with Guest Speaker Dr Jon Outridge on Royal Flying Doctor Service.     

26th July
Masonic Hall at 5:30 for 6:00pm for Club Assembly.

1st Mike Edwards  21st Peter Wilkinson

1st Chris and Judi Ross-Smith  16th Alan and Mary Wilson




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