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Rotary Club of Maleny Bulletin for 6th December 2017

"THE RANGE"  Vol. 59 No.10

WEDNESDAY 6th December 2017

Maleny Hotel at 6:30 for 7:00pm for the AGM to be followed by our ADG Linda Morrell as Guest Speaker on My Rotary.

Apologies to Bernice before noon on Tuesday 5th.

DUTY ROSTERS                       
                            6th Dec              14th Dec                             
Duty Officer         Michael G          Rick V                                    
Assist DO            Sherryl G           Lionel T                          
Registration         Andy S              Jim A
Fellowship           Ric T                 Chris B  

16th December
John and Bernice McL (Leader)  Bill H

30th December

The President opened the meeting with the usual formalities. There was a good representation of members and several guests, including PDG Alan Stevens, Past Member Bob Hall and Sue Hall, and prospective members Peter McGuirk and Antionette Van Geet.

PDG Alan made a very special presentation to Sheryl and Michael Gregory in recognition of their becoming Rotary Foundation Major Donors Level 1. Alan presented them with an engraved crystal recognition piece, Sheryl with a ‘Diamond necklace’, and Michael with a ‘Diamond pin’.  They received a standing ovation.

The President confirmed that the 1st Wednesday in 2018 will be a social evening at the Nieper’s home. All members, their families and friends are invited. Further details to come.

He then showed a short motivational video of a speech by Paul Harris delivered in the 1940s on the ‘Future of Rotary’.

Bernice reported on an order for club shirts. As Treasurer, Jim reported on the financial result of the 2017 Melbourne Cup day lunch. The money raised was $4,814 and the Board decided to round this up to allow for a donation of $2,500 each to Hear and Say Nambour and the Maleny Hospital Auxiliary.
President Alan subsequently donating our cheque to the Hospital Auxilliary

CL and PP Jeff at Hear and Say Nambour

Rick V has 9 members attending the Sunshine Coast Council emergency exercise “Operation Heatburn” on the 29th November.

Following the meal, the Sergeant entertained us with a number of ridiculous
tales leading to fines on members and guests. Equally dubious was the conduct of the ‘lottery’ with Chris B winning the $25.00!

After coffee Malcolm introduced the night’s guest speaker Dr Cl Claridge who gave us a very entertaining and educational overview of Nepal and more specifically the activities and projects of Shed the Light Nepal. The talk was titled Women’s Empowerment, Training and Business Development, RAWCS Project 7-2016-17 - Rotary Club of Maleny & Rotary Club of Thamel and Shed the Light Nepal.

The Objectives of the project are:
•    To facilitate the social and economic empowerment of women from disadvantaged backgrounds;
•    To develop and implement a range of training programs for women;
•    To develop women’s micro-finance projects;
•    To increase women’s ability to meet the educational needs of their children.

The location of the project is the Handikhola Village Development Area, Makwanpur District, Nepal. This is a very remote area with a sparse population and poor or non-existent facilities. Travel is difficult at all times and impossible in the ‘wet’ season.

At this stage there are 54 women and 5 men involved in the project.
Training courses
•Sewing skills –30 women (Chepang)
•Computer skills –24 women + 5 men (Bankariya)
•Business management x 2 

Sewing Skills Training
Sewing skills training involves 30 women in Chepang. Approximately half the participants are married with children. The average family income is AUD 2.40 per day with many families having an income of less than AUD 0.80 per day.

Computer Skills Training
Involves 24 females and 5 males, 18 of whom are school students.

NEXT - The next programs to be started involve mushroom and ginger production.

CL supported these basic sub-titles with some wonderful photos and her personal observations and knowledge of the area. A very professional presentation and so that all members can have the opportunity to see it the presentation has been made available on the blog with a YouTube link.

Anyone interested in more information should contact CL. Donations may be made through the Club or direct to RAWCS quoting Project 7-2016-17.

Jeff gave the vote of thanks.

The President thanked PDG Alan, our guests and members for their attendance and closed the meeting.
13th December
Board Meeting at the Masonic Hall.

14th December
Maleny Hotel at 6:30 for 7:00pm with Kim Kirkman, Ten Tenors and Harp for Healing.  This is a Partners Night. NB Held on Thursday.

20th December
Christmas Party at Ocean View with thanks to Bill and Marlene.

27th December
No Meeting

3rd January
Social at Roly Neiper's house.

6th Chris & Jocelyn  12th Jim & Elaine and Roly & Kerry 17th Lionel & Judy

11th Jim Atkinson 



(Look at the picture carefully)

"A wolf pack on the move :

•    the first 3 are the old or sick, they give the pace to the entire pack. If it was the other way round, they would be left behind, losing contact with the pack. In case of an ambush they would be sacrificed;
•    then come 5 strong ones, the front line;
•    in the centre are the rest of the pack members;
•    then the 5 strongest following.
•    the last is alone, the Alpha. He controls everything from the rear. In that position he can see everything, decide the direction. He sees all of the pack.

The pack moves according to the elders' pace and help each other, watch each other.

"Again I am left speechless by nature ... I knew that wolves are different, but didn't realize how much we could learn from them....
 I didn't know wolves put the ELDERS of the pack FIRST.  People on this planet should take note ... elders are to be seen up front, setting the pace and direction while  enjoying the protection of the rest... and not invisible at the back of the line. ”

Unknown author

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