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Maleny Rotary Bulletin Vol 53 No 7 for 17 August 2011

"THE RANGE" The Rotary Club of Maleny Inc Bulletin Vol. 53 No. 7
Wednesday 17th August 2011

Maleny Hotel at 6:30pm for 7:00pm.  Guest speaker will be Jim Atkinson on "Youth Exchange Programme".

Please tender meal apologies to Karen Binstead by noon Tuesday

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Duty Officer        Brian A     Lloyd L    Mike G
Registration         Brian K    Andy S      Jim A
ADO & Scribe     Pat K      Keith R     Sherryl G
Fellowship           Dick A     Tony L     Malcolm B


20th August
Ric Townsend   John Whan    Tony Holmes   Andy Schouteten

3rd September
Sherry Wright    Brian King    Dick Andrew     Roly Neiper  


The meeting was opened by Sergeant Ric who invited PDG Mike G to address the Club. Vice President PDG Mike advised that President Elect Greg S had been appointed by the Board to assume the role of Club President following the casual vacancy resulting from Mike Keane’s resignation from the Club. PDG Mike then inducted PE Greg as President to the congratulations of all members present.

Secretary Karen advised receipt of a thank you card from PDG Peter Wilkinson and Kay for the Club’s tribute on their recent loss of Phil.

Treasurer Jeff reminded ‘stragglers’ that Club Dues are overdue and gave a brief report on the Club’s assets and liabilities (listed below). Jeff also advised that about $5000 will be distributed to each of the three Clubs assisting with the Rotary food stall at Splendour in the Grass.

Community Service Director Angela advised that Chris B. is the Deputy Director(applause). Angela also advised that repairs were planned for the seats in Maple Street; Howell’s Knob was being monitored for any renovation requirements, and that the layby on the Landsborough-Maleny Road was being considered for some renovation in conjunction with the SC Council.

New Generations Director Deb L. advised that Bike Ed was progressing satisfactorily; that two students from MSHS had been selected to attend the Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment (RYPEN) during August. For details see the District Directory, page 58. Chris B. advised that the proposed Bike Ed at Montville Primary School was on hold due to other Department of Education workloads on the Teachers.

Club Service Director Brian K. advised that the DG’s Official Visit is still scheduled for the 31st August at Pomodora’s Restaurant in Maleny. The Guest Speaker program is being coordinated by PDG Brian D. and any suggestions with relevant contact details should be passed to him. Thanks were also given to the progressive dinner hosts (Atkinson’s, Nieper’s, Doyle’s households) for last Saturday evening’s function. Brian K. also asked members to pass any information for the Club calendar to Secretary Karen, as well as advising that the Club was purchasing an external drive to store the Club history and archives electronically.

District TRF Coordinator PDG Mike advised that D9600 had achieved its 2010-2011 commitment of contributing US $100 for the Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY) program. He advised that RC Maleny was the largest contributor in the District (at over US $400 per member) and that this had been largely due to the fundraising effort through Tiber Toga. Thanks were again expressed to all those members who were able to contribute their help to that project. Regarding Polio eradication Mike advised that India was a success story with only one case being reported so far in 2011. However, Pakistan remains an issue.

President Greg then advised that the Board was considering two proposals re the regular Club meeting. He also advised that the Club subsidised meals last year to about $2000. Consequently the long-standing Club policy of requiring members who do not advise an absence to the Secretary prior to the meeting to pay the meal cost would now have to be enforced. President Greg also advised that all internal emails should go through the appropriate Director or the Secretary rather than to the collective membership.

Lionel T. advised that he had put a request for the Board to consider a motion to review the basis of funding Community Service projects relative to International Service projects.  Similar sentiments had been expressed in other member's emails circulated last week.

Sergeant Ric then conducted a brief session making several erroneous assertions as to the activities of various members, producing a minimal Return on Investment (ROI) in financial terms. He then related a joke about a dutiful son, and conducted Heads and Tails which Deb L. won.

Deb L. needs a scratchy next week!!

A brief interlude was followed by an almost briefer guest speaker appearance by PDG Tony H. who described the District structure, the provisions of Incorporation and the requirements of the standard Rotary Club Constitution and Bylaws. He then linked them to the requirements for the District and Clubs to have a Leadership Plan, and referred to the Club Visioning process and its progress within the Club. He also distributed brief summary sheets of the key points as well as the outline of the structure, roles, tasks for each Committee and an Action Plan sheet that all Directors are currently developing with their teams for discussion at the next Club Assembly.

Secretary Karen then reaffirmed, for members, The 4-Way Test of the things we think, say or do. (See page 61 in the District Directory).

President Greg announced that there is a Board meeting on 22 August and that a Club Assembly would follow early in September. He also stated that the meeting on 24 August will be a special meeting to elect a President Elect for the Rotary year 2011-2012. He then thanked Members for their attendance and participation and closed the meeting (on time).


Current a/c   $3,595.63
CMA – Suncorp   $25,732.47
Term Deposit – MCU  $17,223.18
Petty Cash Float  $100
Total Assets   $46,511.28
Total Liabilities  $19,694.04
NET ASSETS   $26,817.24

Net assets allocated as follows:
 CLUB   $4,105.58
 COMMUNITY  $22,711.66
• Club Income less Club Expenses = $761.69
• Community Income less expenses = $-3,345.48

Jeff Cornfoot Treasurer


Bike Ed this week for Maleny State School Form 5A was a most enjoyable experience. The students were co-operative, keen, polite, didn’t play up too much and were a pleasure to instruct. OK, a couple tested the patience a couple of times but overall they were pretty good.

Monday was the usual with checking bikes and helmets then we had a couple of minor exercises. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were increasingly difficult with Thursday being devoted to intersections and roundabouts. At the end of each day if we have time, there are slow races, slaloms and other fun type activities. The prizes in the slow races for coming last, which is really first, is an old mango or whatever we can scrounge. The students take it all in good fun. Even had a visit from a SCRC road safety bloke who was quite impressed with our program. He didn’t promise but hinted he may be able to get us some funds to cover our annual expenses.

On Friday we set out the lower oval like a small town with intersections, pedestrian crossings, stop/give way signs, roundabout, parked cars etc. and just kept running them around it.  At the end of all that we give out the certificates and adjourn for a well deserved coffee.

Bike Ed is probably (apart from Mary Cairncross) one of our longest running programmes with eight of us involved this time (22% of the Club). This year we had a student whose mum did it many years ago.


24th August Meeting at the Maleny Hotel.  Special General Meeting and Guest Speaker Lionel Tilley on "Bowel Scan Project" and "Job Talk".

31st August Meeting with Partners invited at Pomodora's - hopefully with the DG in attendance.

7th   Peter Wright        20th  Jocelyn Brooker
12th  Tony Loughnan   24th  Dick Andrew
17th  Malcolm Baker   28th  Lionel Tilley

29th  Angela and Mike



Michelangelo's David  Is To Be Returned To Italy

After a two year loan to the US.

His Proud Sponsors were:

14th August 2011

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