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Maleny Rotary Bulletin Vol 53 No 9 for 31 August 2011

"THE RANGE" The Rotary Club of Maleny Inc Bulletin Vol. 53 No. 9
Wednesday 31st August 2011

Pomodora's at 6:30pm for 7:00pm.  DG's Official Visit with Partners welcome.  MORE ATTENDEES NEEDED!!!

Please tender meal apologies to Karen Binstead by noon Tuesday.

                             31 Aug                7th Sep               14th Sep
Duty Officer          Mike G                Brian D               Rick V
Registration           Jim A                  Debra L              John McL
ADO & Scribe      Sherryl G            Lionel T              Bernice McL
Fellowship            Malcolm B          Greg S                Karen B


3rd September
Tony Holmes      Brian King     Dick Andrew     Roly Neiper

17th September

Greg Stevens     Brian Doyle     Dave Edmonds     Charlotte Golding


The meeting was opened by President Greg with 22 members present.  He announced with regret that Tony L had resigned. He also noted that the numbers due to attend the DG's visit were disappointingly low and asked members to recheck their availability.

There was a Special General Meeting to elect a President Elect for 2011/12.  Karen Binstead and Lynda Ratcliffe were the nominees.  Following a secret ballot, Karen Binstead was duly nominated to general acclaim.

Committee Reports:

Jeff C confirmed that the Splendour in the Grass returns to the Club would be around $5,000.00.

Angela G reported that the Board had approved $1,000 to enter a Club team in Relay for Life on 8-9th Oct.  A show of hands indicated that there would be sufficient numbers to support such a team.  Greg Ivey of Mary Cairncross had requested a working bee on 10th Sep;  a maximum of 8 volunteers will be needed
from 8:30 to 12:30pm - those requiring new gardening gloves and an excuse to avoid the weekend shopping to apply.
Angela also had some special Antiguan first day covers which she would give to the Club for auction at a future event.

Brian K asked the members of his committee to meet at 6:00pm on 7th Sep to sort out the guest speaker programme.

Mike G announced that 24th Oct was Polio Day and that the International Committee planned to hold a fund raiser close to that date.  He also said that the Board had approved a further donation to a Rotary programme of $2,000 and that he would be allocating another $2,000 to the International Global Grant,
possibly to the Kinross Low Cost Housing Project.

Brian A said that the calendars had arrived safely and that he has arranged for distribution in his absence.  Lionel T was liaising with the Range News about the official launch on 10th Sep.

Chris B issued a promo for the RSL's Scottish Night on 2nd Sep.

The Sergeant laid into his audience like Samson with the jawbone of an ass (Judges 15:16).  The principal victim was Keith R for the recent elevation of the English Test team.

The guest speaker was member Lionel Tilley who gave an outline of the occurrence of bowel cancer amongst the Australian population, advising that it kills more females than does breast cancer and more males than prostate cancer. Of the mortalities, 60% are male and 40% female with a much younger demographic now contracting the condition. It is the easiest cancer to correct provided it is detected in the early stages, that is why Rotary is so keen on the annual check using BowelScan. A late detection will result in death in more than 90% of cases where the cancer has spread throughout the body. The Government project to send kits to those of the population 55,60 and 65 years of age is not a scan as such – just a check which can miss many bowel cancers as they can develop rapidly.

Record numbers of kits were sold in the Sunshine Coast region this year (5,700) with Maleny having the third highest sales with 488.

He also gave a brief snapshot of his working life telling us he started by picking onions in the Lockyer Valley as a 10 year old to earn pocket money; then after a formal education in agriculture, spent 3 years in PNG as an agricultural officer. This was a ‘magical’ experience for a young man where he would not see another white man for 2-3 months at a time when on patrol through the highlands and speaking only pidgin English. A return to Australia saw him employed in the sugar industry by a research and development organisation called BSES. He stayed with them for 35 years as an extension officer and latterly in management in towns from Mossman to Ingham to Bundaberg and Mackay. Research projects were undertaken in the area of irrigation efficiency, green cane harvesting and weed control.

A phase down period saw him employed as a consultant by the Sugar Research and Development Corporation for part time work for 3 years after which he retired to Maleny.


7th Sep   Maleny Hotel with Guest Speaker our own Debra Lynde on "My involvement with youth."

14th Sep  Maleny Hotel with Guest Speaker Chelsea Large on "Adventure in citizenship."


18th  Annie S       29th  Mia S


4th  John and Bernice    18th  Andy and Mia     28th  Keith and Gloria



An old married couple were sitting on their verandah watching the sun go down; he with a beer in hand and she with a glass of wine.
"I do love you so very much." she said.
"Is that the wine talking?" he asked.
"No" she replied.  "It's me talking to the wine!"

25th August 2011

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