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Maleny Rotary Bulletin Vol.53 No.36 for 28th March 2012

"THE RANGE" The Rotary Club of Maleny Inc Bulletin Vol. 53 No. 36

Wednesday 28th March 2012


28th Mar  Maleny Hotel at 6:30 for 7:30pm with Guest Speaker Shane Petersen of Computer IT on "Information Technology".


Please tender meal apologies to Karen Binstead by noon Tuesday.

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Duty Officer             Mike G          Karen B       Charlotte G

Registration             John W          Angela G     Brian K

ADO & Scribe         Malcolm B     Chris B         Andy S

Fellowship              Sherryl G       Jeff C            Rick V


31st March
Brian Allen (Leader)  Debra Lynde  Greg Stevens  Lloyd Larney

14th April
Brian Doyle (Leader)  Lionel Tilley  Chris Brooker  Ric Townsend


A most enjoyable vocational visit was made to the popular local eatery Maple 3 by 16 members and 2 partners. The meeting was ably chaired by Charlotte G. and following a delicious meal (which included dessert!) and no formalities, Brian A. introduced our host Mark Hutchinson (aka Garry McDonald).

Mark managed to convince the enthralled audience that he could well be a comedian as well as a top chef, relating his many experiences in the culinary world interspersed with humorous anecdotes. Maybe chefs need to have a strong sense of humour to retain their sanity in the busy rush rush world of the active chef.

What started Mark on his culinary journey – it was making his first meringues watching egg white and sugar turn into a magic confection – strange but true. He spent 6 years at a restaurant in Brighton during which time he advanced through the ranks finally being in charge of a kitchen with 10 chefs. Tiring of that, he sailed the high seas with the merchant navy (BP) for a further 6 years but decided that serving peas with a fork in a force 6 gale was a job he’d rather have others doing so he sailed away to OZ.

The Poms loss was our gain as Mark and his good wife decided, after several positions in restaurants, to purchase Maple 3 15 years ago & provide Maleny with a wonderful venue to swap tales, have meetings and enjoy a delicious meal. While Mark admitted to being no “Gordon Ramsay” type, he gave a good insight into the running of a successful restaurant and, should he wish to change employment, he could well be a management trainer. Successful restaurants do not just happen according to Mark. He gave an overview of the decisions required in selecting, training and mentoring staff, the selection of menus and décor & the need to maintain humour both amongst staff and the clients.

A most entertaining address & thanks to Charlotte G. for organising it.


Lloyd L recently announced that he was arranging for a new Rotary Wheel to be installed on the bridge to replace the original one.  This photo (with thanks to Angela) shows that the work has been successfully completed.

 Congratulations Lloyd!


A new book, ‘A Parish Odyssey (The Dobson Years)’ by Jack Wilcox will be launched at the Maleny Catholic Centre on Sunday 27 May at 10.30 am.
Limited numbered of copies. No reprints. Enquiries to Jack Wilcox


4th Apr  Maleny Hotel at 6:30 for 7:30pm with Guest Speaker Ivan Hankinson.

11th Apr Maleny Hotel at 6:30 for 7:30pm with a presentation by students who attended NYSF.

18th Apr Vocational visit - details to be advised.

25th Apr  ANZAC Day - no meeting.

27th May Launch of ‘A Parish Odyssey (The Dobson Years)’ by Jack Wilcox at the Maleny Catholic Centre at 10;30am.

30th May Joint Clubs meeting at USC.


2nd Mar David B  5th Mar Judy T  17th Mar Lloyd L  25th  Brian D  26th Rick V        


6th John & Beth  22nd Peter & Kay



It is appreciated that members must be sick to death of the political circus of past weeks.  However, now that the State election is done and dusted, it is hoped that some political observations may be promulgated.  With thanks to the members who have made these contributions:



John was in the fertilized egg business.  He had several hundred young layers (hens), called 'pullets,' and ten roosters to fertilize the eggs.

He kept records, and any rooster not performing went into the soup pot and was replaced.  This took a lot of time, so he bought some tiny bells and attached them to his roosters.

Each bell had a different tone, so he could tell from a distance, which rooster was performing.
Now, he could sit on the porch and fill out an efficiency report by just listening to the bells.

John's favorite rooster, old Butch, was a very fine specimen, but one morning he noticed old Butch's bell hadn't rung at all!  When he went to investigate, he saw the other roosters were busy chasing pullets, bells-a-ringing, but the pullets, hearing the roosters coming, would run for cover.

To John's amazement, old Butch had his bell in his beak, so it couldn't ring.  He'd sneak up on a pullet, do his job and walk on to the next one.

John was so proud of old Butch, he entered him in the County Fair and he became an overnight sensation among the judges.

The result was the judges not only awarded old Butch the "No Bell Piece Prize," but they also awarded him the "Pulletsurprise" as well.

Clearly old Butch was a politician in the making. Who else but a politician could figure out how to win two of the most coveted awards on our planet by being the best at sneaking up on the unsuspecting populace and screwing them when they weren't paying attention.

So vote carefully in the next election.... as the bells are not always audible.


A little boy goes to his dad and asks, 'What is Politics?'

Dad says, 'Well son, let me try to explain it this way: 'I am the head of the family, so call me The Prime Minister.  Your mother is the administrator of the money, so we call her the Government. We are here to take care of your needs, so we will call you the People.  The nanny, we will consider her the Working Class. And your baby brother, we will call him the Future.

Now think about that and see if it makes sense.'

So the little boy goes off to bed thinking about what Dad has said.

Later that night, he hears his baby brother crying, so he gets up to check on him. He finds that the baby has severely soiled his nappy. So the little boy goes to his parent's room and finds his mother asleep.  Not wanting to wake her, he goes to the nanny's room. Finding the door locked, he peeks in the keyhole and sees his father in bed with the nanny..

He gives up and goes back to bed.

The next morning, the little boy says to his father, 'Dad, I think I understand the concept of politics now. '

The father says, 'Good, son, tell me in your own words what you think politics is all about.'

The little boy replies, 'The Prime Minister is screwing the Working Class while the Government is sound asleep. The People are being ignored and the Future is in deep shit.'

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