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Rotary Club of Maleny Bulletin for 19th August 2015

"THE RANGE"  Vol. 57 No. 5

Maleny Hotel at 6:30 for 7:00pm with Guest Speaker Sabine Wienand on Basically Wild.

Apologies to Bernice before noon on Tuesday.

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29th Aug
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12th Sep
Jim A  (Leader)  Jeff C   Angela G

President Jeff Cornfoot opened the meeting by welcoming a large group of members, partners, Friends of Rotary and our guest speaker.

It was a pleasure for the club to welcome back former Maleny High student and Interactor, Brody Foy. It was a chance for the club and many guests to congratulate Brody who is Queensland’s 2015 Rhodes Scholar. Since leaving Maleny High, Brody who was joint dux in his graduating year, has completed an Honours Degree in Computational Mathematics at QUT. He gained the highest possible grades in all units. He plans to put his maths mastery to good use by helping advance our understanding of cancer. He heads to England in September to take a PhD in Mathematics at Oxford University, modelling the spread of lung cancer.

The Rhodes Scholarship is the world’s most sought after scholarship, and gives Brody the opportunity to study in one of the world’s most prestigious universities. It was certainly a privilege to hear from him first hand, the journey he has taken to achieve this honour, and his plans for his study at Oxford. It was also opportune that some present Interact students, former Principal Brian King, and other Maleny High staff were able to attend the meeting.

How did Brody get drawn into the Rhodes Scholarship? Only one student from each state is chosen each year. The selection criteria covers not only exceptionally high academic ability, but community involvement, high energy, and the potential to go on and change the world. Brody had all of these qualities and it was certainly motivating and inspirational to hear of all the activities he has been involved in while at university, as well as to hear of his love of maths and his aim to use maths to solve some of the world’s problems.

Brody worked as a volunteer tutor, mentored QUT College of Excellence students, revived the dormant QUT Mathematics student society, and also worked as a QUT student ambassador and many many more volunteer activities. In 2014 he was recognised with the title, QUT Student Leader of the Year, as well as the award for QUT Volunteer of the Year. He also plays the acoustic guitar and did a stand up comedy course, performing around some bars in Brisbane. He credits his love of volunteering to his time in the Interact club where he learnt to connect with people. He thanked Brian King and the staff of Maleny High for giving him his love of learning, by explaining why he was learning things. His said his leadership opportunities at school also enhanced his development as a person.

It was fascinating to hear Brody expand on why he loves mathematics so much. He said a lot of people have a misunderstanding about the purpose of maths. Some people can’t understand how maths can be related to lung cancer. He said that Physics and Chemistry as subjects are really applied maths. Brody explained that he wants to build a computer simulation of the lungs, so that he can test all sorts of new ideas, which could lead to computer diagnosis of lung cancer.

His presentation stimulated many questions. Some related to his future aspirations – politics maybe, as two former Rhodes Scholars became Prime Ministers of  Australia. He certainly is a young man who will go far and we were all proud as Rotarians and hinterland residents, that he was a local boy now with the world at his feet.


Last week The Range Croquet Club took possession and unveiled their much anticipated set of six special mallets and croquet balls. The mallets have beenmodified to suit the abilities of the members of the Blackall Range Care Group as well as groups from surrounding retirement homes currently playing at the club on a monthly basis.

As part of the club’s goal of benefiting the community through engagement, they regularly provide activities to suit all abilities and disabilities, both physical and intellectual.  They are aware that normal mallets are not suitable for all people, particularly the aged, young children and people in
wheelchairs and mobility walkers. The standard mallets are relatively heavy and can be difficult to wield.  The care group visitors get a lot of enjoyment from participating and the club wished to foster as much enjoyment as possible for visits.

The club had applied for one of the recent community grants offered by Maleny Rotary and were successful in their application. Jeff Cornfoot, current President of Rotary Maleny was delighted that the grant funding for each successful applicant has touched so many different parts of the community and in unique ways. The grant covered the purchase of the set of balls and four mallets but with a discount from the custom maker, the club was able to throw in some additional funds and purchase two more. The six special mallets benefit all members of the community, special care groups, retirement groups as well as local school children who all attend their "come and try" days.

They actively host the Blackall Range Care group monthly, the Little Mountain retirement group, and many bunches of caravan groups who visit the area.  “We are aware of the increasing ageing population of Maleny, and surrounds and want to be able to continue to meet the needs of all the community”.  President Vince Carbery also noted that the club provides board games if the weather is inclement when the Blackall Range Care Group attend.

The Range Croquet members are very grateful and wish to recognise the support of the Rotary Club of Maleny for their generous grant. It was noticed that each mallet had a small plaque on the each of the six mallets and on the box of balls to identify and acknowledge the generosity of the Rotary Club of Maleny as the donor.
Jeff and Rick with members of the Croquet Club and BRCG visitors

26th August
Project Meeting at the Masonic Hall with $10 meal.

2nd September
Maleny Hotel at 6:30 for 7:00pm with Guest Speaker Richard Giles on Feng Shui and other interests.

9th September
Board Meeting at the Masonic Hall.

12&13th September
Parking duties at Real Food Festival.

16th September
Maleny Hotel at 6:30 for 7:00pm with Guest Speaker our own Dr CL Claridge on My Story.

15th  Phillip and Janice Stark  29th Angela and Mike

17th Malcolm Baker  20th Jocelyn Brooker  28th Lionel Tilley


•       How does Moses make his tea? Hebrews it.

•       Venison for dinner again? Oh deer!

•       A cartoonist was found dead in his home. Details are sketchy.

•       I used to be a banker, but then I lost interest.

•       England has no kidney bank, but it does have a Liverpool .

•       I tried to catch some fog, but I mist.

•       They told me I had type-A blood, but it was a Type-O.

•       I changed my iPod's name to Titanic. It's syncing now.

•       Jokes about German sausages are the wurst.

•       I know a guy who's addicted to brake fluid, but he says he can stop any time.

•       I stayed up all night to see where the sun went, and then it dawned on me.

•       This girl said she recognized me from the vegetarian club, but I'd never met herbivore.


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