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Rotary Club of Maleny Bulletin for 17th November 2021

THE RANGE"  Vol. 64 No.10


Maleny Hotel at 6:30 for 7:00pm for AGM and a Business Meeting.

Apologies please to Bernice before noon on Tuesday.

                           17 Nov          1 Dec             19 Jan
Duty Officer       Ric V             Jeff C              Phillip S
Assist DO           Alan W          Michael G      Paulette S
Registration       John McL       Fran T            Laurelle O
Fellowship         Keith R           Bill H             James McC

27Nov    0730 - 1030    Roly N   Sherryl G   Murray A   

               1030 - 1330    Andy S   Jim A   James McC

11Dec     0730 - 1030    John and Bernice McL   Fran T  

               1030 - 1330    Phillip S   Rick T   Peter McQ

Our next meeting at the Maleny Hotel on 17 November is a Business/Project Meeting. Don’t forget to log in with your Qld App and continue bringing your masks - which can be removed when seated.  I look forward to Jim A taking over the Chair to conduct our AGM and the election of President Elect Paulette S as our Incoming President for 2021/2022 and President Elect for 2022/2023 and the rest of Paulette’s team. We can all be very confident that the Club will be in great hands next year and beyond.

Representatives from each of our 3 successful grant recipient organisations will also be in attendance for the presentation with their grant monies and to inform us of their respective projects and how it will benefit their organisation and our community.

In the meantime, we are all hoping Roly N, Brian A, and Neil A continue with their recoveries.

Maleny Selectors Green Project: A huge thank you to Jeff C, Bill H, and Murray A for joining with me on 8 November for an early start at 7am at Maleny Selectors Green to undertake a further Rotary working bee. 

In what initially looked like being a wash out, we joined with Mike Norman and Dave Lowden to plant out 25 replacement shrubs and groundcovers, plus a 2m tall red flowering North Qld Waratah adjacent to the Rotary Bench at the lower end of the park space.  We also removed the metal garden edging and replaced it with timber edging of the same timber as used by the Maleny Garden Club around the heritage Camelia Gardens. These fellows worked like troopers to get the work done before 11 am.

David Lowden and his work team returned to remove the collected metal and plastic rubbish and a mountain of weeds. They will spread the pile of bark around the lower Rotary bench seat, which will also need some timber edging in due course. Following our recent Board meeting Bernice McLennan is also making inquiries from Lionel Tilley as to the whereabouts of any metal Rotary wheels for installation on all of our benches at Maleny Selectors Green and Mary Cairncross Reserve.

Rotary Centenary in Australia Peace Pole Project:  At 9 am on 12 November, Rick V and I attended a beautiful dedication ceremony for the Rotary Peace Pole at The River School. Rick V commenced proceedings with a background of our Peace Pole project to raise awareness of the need to promote world peace and understanding as our centenary gift as part of an Australia wide project to mark 100 years of Rotary in Australia in April 2021. We were then impressed with the unique contribution from each of the children in speaking about the importance of peace and then reciting in four languages (Spanish, Japanese, Dutch and English) the message of "May Peace Prevail on Earth" and with a circular bench surrounding the Peace pole constructed by one of the fathers, Matthew Penniket. Cr Johnston also gave a fine set of observations about the importance of peace, starting locally. 

For those in the club who want to see where this and other poles are located in Australia, that information is at the website  Once there, press the Peace Pole button on the top banner (with News, Peace Bell, Honour Board etc) and below you will see a chart. Open that chart to see the full list in numerical order of poles, and then go to Peace Pole 129 for the River School Maleny. Unfortunately, Rick V reports that at this stage it is not interactive or visual; it is just a list with some sparse comments. The statement needs to be amended (as it was drafted before the pole had arrived) and a picture added. Judy Fredriksen was also available to take some photos and recorded the speeches for an article in the next edition of the Hinterland Times. Some photos  of the 4 sided 6 ft Peace Pole and surrounding timber sea are attached. Rick V commenced the project with the River School in Maleny during 2020 and I especially want to thank Malcolm Baker who worked with Rick and myself to install the Peace Pole. Some quick facts about the Rotary Peace Pole program: It had its beginnings in 1955 in Japan by Masahisa Goi, in the wake of the destruction wrought by World War II and the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. You can now find more than 250,000 Peace Poles in close to 200 countries in every region and continent on earth. Peace Poles are planted with the Universal Peace Message “May Peace Prevail on Earth”. They symbolise our common wish for a World at Peace. They stand as a silent vigil for peace reminding us to think and act in the spirit of Peace. The Peace message is written in four languages - one for each side panel of the Peace Pole. It was an absolute pleasure to work with our team and Principal Anne Donoghoe and other staff to install the Peace Pole and we can be assured that the students, staff, parents and friends of the school can share reflections of peace throughout the world in this fantastic new Peace Space at the River School.

And a couple of date claimers:  The Kenny Cluster RAWCs Display is on 20 November from 1 to 4 pm at 7 David Low Way, North Shore, Mudjimba. If you are interested in joining me to attend, please RSVP by 17th November to Mike Storkey: or by mobile 0419 904 351

- SUN Elder Abuse Forum:  Our SUN collaborative partnership is holding a second Elder Abuse Forum at the Maleny RSL on 13th December with a 9am start and all are welcome to attend. Please let Sherryl G or me know if you would like to come along. Everyone who attended the forum last year found it very interesting and helpful, particularly leading into the Xmas New Year period when many families are together and have the opportunity to discuss and or are confronted with difficult life choices.

- Our 2021 Xmas Party: is on 15 December at the home of Jim and Elaine Atkinson. It is a partners event. 

- Our Xmas Tree Lights Display at the Uniting Church in Maleny will be up and running during the last two weeks of December prior to Xmas. A site has been selected on the eastern side of the Church building with access to power. Jim A and Roly N are working on a lights budget and lighting plan.

President Greg opened the meeting with a welcome to all Rotarians and three guests. He passed on his best wishes on behalf of the Club to Brian Allen who remains in hospital.

The Club's Christmas Party will now be held on 15th December at Jim and Elaine Atkinson's home. 

Selectors Green: Lionel updated the members on the progress with the Kids activity area at Selectors Green. Several large logs and rocks will be delivered this week which will need to be put in place in the “play” area.

Our guest Jared Ashcroft, who is well known in town for his work with the SES and RFS, was planning to raise funds for Beyond Blue by taking part in the Bridge to Bridge run in Brisbane and requested support from the Club.  He also indicated a desire to be considered for membership of the Club.

Sergeant Chris then showed that his spell of sick leave had not blunted his extortion abilities.

Our guest speaker was Shannon Horsfall who is a published children's author. Shannon was awarded the University Medal of Excellence at USC on completing her first class Honours (Creative Writing) and is currently undertaking a PhD in Creative Writin.  She is currently six months into a three-year PhD research project at the Sunshine Coast University. Shannon’s address was titled Writing into the Unspeakable: storytelling trauma and recovery in the aftermath of domestic abuse. Shannon indicated that, whilst there is little reliable data on how many adults grew up with domestic violence in Australia, it was estimated by an ABS survey that before the age of 15 nearly 2.1 million children had witnessed violence towards their mother and nearly 820,000 towards their father. Children in such situations live in fear of their home, feel defenceless and responsible for protecting their mothers and siblings – they are also victims. 

Children normalise the abuse in order to live with it, with the result it silences their experience. To expose these impacts, the positioning of the child within the familial abusive environment requires exploration.  This includes societal assumptions around the roles of women and children in the past, and how the meaning of familial violence has been shaped by dominant social institutions.

Because of the restricted definition of abuse, that is limited to the realm of intimate relationships, children are situated as collateral damage with the result the experiences of children are marginalised or completely unrecognised – they are simply not asked to tell their story on the assumption hat adults know what is best for them. Shannon cited the National Children’s Commissioner, Megan Mitchell, who in 2017 indicated that domestic violence, across all cultures, is a significant risk factor for youth suicides. Shannon’s research project aims to illuminate the necessity for a child to have agency over their lived experience and for their experiences to be heard by the institutions which make decisions on their behalf. Phillip Stark gave the vote of thanks.

20th November Kenny Cluster RAWCs Display from 1 PM to 4 pm at David Low Way, Mudjimba. 

1st December Maleny Hotel at 6:30 for 7:00pm for Guest Speaker Larissa Bright on Coral Sunscreen. 

8th December  Board Meeting

13th December  Elder Abuse Forum at RSL

15th December  Christmas Party at Jim and Elaine Atkinson's

12th Ric and Jacinta  19th Michael and Sherryl

2nd Sherryl Gregory  4th Elaine Atkinson  11th Ric Townsend  25th Bill Hankinson  29th Brian Allen


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