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Maleny Rotary Bulletin Vol 53 No 13 for 28 September 2011

"THE RANGE" The Rotary Club of Maleny Inc Bulletin Vol. 53 No. 13
Wednesday 28th September 2011


Maleny Hotel at 6:30pm for 7:00pm for a RYPEN Report  - coordinated by Brian King.    


Please tender meal apologies to Karen Binstead by noon Tuesday.

                             28 Sep         5 Oct                12 Oct
Duty Officer          Bill H           Sherry W           Debra L
Registration          Tony H        Brian K              Pat K
ADO & Scribe       Roly N         Keith R              Dick A
Fellowship             Jeff C          Geoff C             Brian D


1st October

Rick Vickers (Leader)   Karen Binstead   Bill Hankinson   Lionel Tilley

15th October

Michael Gregory (Leader)  Sherryl Gregory  Ric Townsend   Greg Stevens


President Greg welcomed all members. Sherryl G was asked to introduce two rather young visitors- her and Mike’s granddaughters all the way from Eudlo.

President Greg awarded Tony H a Presidential Achievement Award for all the behind the scenes effort he has put into the visioning process. Tony H was visibly moved by the award and the eye catching tie.

Various directors and chair presented summarised reports.

After the meal, Tony H eloquently summarised the vision process from the workshop in Feb through to the current version 5 of the higher level document. He emphasised it (the club leadership plan) as an aspirational document to set the structure and goals in place for later work.  It has been cross referenced against the summary of ranked recommendations, which was derived from all the “red dot blue dot” decision procedure. When this has been largely agreed, all members, through their directors will translate the goals and strategies into tasks, activities and actionable items.

Tony H asked for feedback especially about the vision statement, the 7 long term goals and the 4 success factors.  These can either be sent to him, through your committee director or to President Greg. Committees can meet separately over the next 2 weeks. All should be finalised during the Assembly on 12 October.

Sergeant session duly fined those who had either dared to delegate duties (to the Sergeant), those with Irish descendents, those arriving late (after the bell) or for other heinous crimes.

President Greg mediated a range of views on the best method for progressing the leadership plan. He closed the meeting by reiterating that he  hopes the completion of the vision process, where general consensus will be gained, will assist in the healing process, and that a rebuilding phase for the rest of the year will generate fun and friendship.


Published below is a letter to Michael G from The End of Polio campaign team for your information.

Dear Michael,
 The World Health Organisation has just announced that there’s been a polio outbreak in China.[1] Seven cases have been detected – all stemming from Pakistan, one of the four countries where wild poliovirus remains endemic.  It’s a timely reminder of how polio anywhere is a threat everywhere, and why now is the time to finish the job, and realise the end of this disease.

To see the end of polio we need to show a groundswell of support across the world, to get our Governments to fully fund the Global Polio Eradication Initiative’s vital work.  Can you share the petition at by forwarding this email to 5 friends or inviting your friends to sign the petition through Facebook?

The good news is that eradication efforts are working. There hasn’t been a polio case in India for 8 months, and there have been almost 50% fewer cases globally in 2011 compared to the same time in 2010.[2] We’re winning the fight – but we won’t be able to finish the job without full funding for the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, which needs a further $590 million.

That’s why we’re campaigning for Australia to be a leader this October, as Perth hosts the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.

The End of Polio campaign is calling on the Australian Government to contribute $50m to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, and to put polio on the CHOGM agenda so other countries can contribute too.

Ask your friends to sign our petition to realise the end of polio by sending this email onto 5 friends or inviting them through Facebook.

Together we can see the end of this debilitating disease,

Simon, Renee, Mick, & The End of Polio campaign team

 Level 4,
54 Victoria Street,
Carlton VIC 3053, AUSTRALIA


5th Oct   Maleny Hotel with John Whan talking on "A humble wood worker."
8th Oct   BBQ at Mary Cairncross Park for their 70th anniversary.
8/9th Oct  Relay for Life.
12th Oct  Club Assembly at Maleny Hotel


29th Sep Mia S


1st Greg S   2nd Leanne K   8th Debra L   Sherry W  12th Gloria R   14th Keith R
16th Kerry N   28th Bernice McL   30th Andy S   31st Gillian A    


28th  Keith and Gloria


2nd Geoff and Merlin  3rd David and Jean  18th Brian and Pamela  26th Rick and Cilla



[1] Regular naps prevent old age, especially if you take them while driving.

[2] Having one child makes you a parent; having two makes you a referee.

[3] Marriage is a relationship in which one person is always right and the other is the husband.

[4] I believe we should all pay our tax with a smile. I tried - but they wanted cash.

[5] Marriage is give and take. You'd better give it to her or she'll take it anyway.

[6] My wife and I always compromise. I admit I'm wrong and she agrees with me.

[7] It doesn't matter how often a married man changes his job, he still ends up with the same boss.
[8] Saving is the best thing. Especially when your parents have done it for you.

[9] Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools talk because they have to say something.

[10] They call our language the mother tongue because the father seldom gets to speak.

[11] Man: Is there any way for long life?
     Dr:    Get married.
     Man: Will it help?
     Dr:    No, but then the thought of long life will never come to mind any more.

[12] Why do couples hold hands during their wedding?
        It's a formality just like two boxers shaking hands before the fight begins!

[13] Wife:     Darling today is our anniversary, what should we do?
     Husband: Let us stand in silence for 2 minutes.

[14] There is only one perfect child in the world and every mother has it.
[15 There is only one perfect wife in the world and every neighbour has it!

25 September 2011

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