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Rotary Club of Maleny Bulletin for 19th April 2017

"THE RANGE"  Vol. 58 No.19

Maleny Hotel at 6:30 for 7:00pm with Guest Speaker Sharon Tregonning on Advanced Care Planning.

Apologies to Jeff before noon on Tuesday.

DUTY ROSTERS                       
                               19th Apr           17th May            
Duty Officer            Chris B             CL Claridge           
Assist DO               David F            Malcolm B                      
Registration            Keith R             Ric T
Fellowship              Rick V              Bill H

13th May
Lionel Tilley (Leader)   Andy Shouteten  Malcolm Baker

27th May
Jeff Cornfoot  (Leader)  Roly Neiper  Phillip Stark

President Jeff welcomed members and guests to the meeting. He reported that the Club had gained good PR in the Glasshouse Country and Maleny News and a positive response to the Community Grants evening held at the RSL last month. Rotary also features in the current Hinterland Times - advertising the calendar photo competition. Several members reported that the District Conference held at Caloundra last weekend went well. Past RI President Glen Kinross’s speech was particularly mentioned.

Reminders were given about the 2017 Maleny District Sports and Recreation Club Awards night to be held on Sat 22 April at the RSL. It would be good to have a Rotary table. The club has nominated the Interact Club for one award. Some discussion was held on the sausage sizzle trial of later starting and finishing times. Results were mixed - the position of the sizzle could affect the takings, and Rotary PR may be more the priority than fundraising. Our incoming exchange student from Spain arrives on 4 July. Jeff thanked Malcolm who has agreed to be his counselor. Lionel announced that this would be the last year of the Rotary Bowel Scan program. Kits in hand would be sold at the usual venues. The Federal Government will be running their progamme after that.

Sue Larsen from the Fred Hollows Foundation was welcomed at the guest speaker. Sue is the National Fundraising Manager for the Foundation, which started 25 years ago. Sue previously worked for Thai International Airlines for 20 years and met Fred Hollows through her work there, and his work in Eritrea and Nepal. Fred loved indigenous Australia and launched the National Trachoma Programme. Trachoma is an eye disease endemic in lots of indigenous areas. Fred pioneered and revolutionised cataract surgery through the use of the perspex intra-ocular lens. He set about reducing the cost of the lenses and the operations, and training local people to do the work.

Sue’s presentation highlighted lots of statistics relating to the need to treat preventable blindness, and about the success and extent of the Foundations’ work in 25 countries including Nepal, Eritrea, Northern Africa, South East Asia, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
• 32.4 million people in the world are blind
• 90% live in developing countries
• 3 out of 5 of them are women
• 4 out of 5 have preventable blindness
• In 2015 the Foundation reached 890,066 in eye operations and treatment
• 64,613 people had been trained, including 232 surgeons
• $2.4 million has been invested in equipment and technology
• $25 donation can restore sigh t- a gift that is life-changing.

It was gratifying to be reminded that Rotary International had kick-started the Foundation with a $100,000 donation presented to Gabbi Hollows at the Melbourne Rotary International Convention in 1992. Sue’s presentation reassured us that the work that Fred Hollows pioneered is still being carried out by the Foundation, which is now stronger and reaching more communities- providing affordable and sustainable eye care, investing in people to carry on the work in the 25 countries it has reached. Sue outlined ways that people can get involved as volunteers, and/or in participating in fundraising activities such as Coastrek  coming up on the Sunshine Coast in July. For more information visit or the Fred Hollows Foundation website at :

Sue finished the presentation with a video showing the remarkable work of the Foundation through the commentary of Ray Martin, the Foundation’s first chairman, travelling to a remote area in Laos where surgery was needed to be carried out on twins, both born with cataracts. 

Sherryl gave the vote of thanks.

22nd April
MDSRC Awards Dinner at the RSL.

26th April
Masonic Hall at 5:30 for 6:00pm for Club Assembly.

29th April to 1st May
Car parking duties at Maleny Wood Expo.

3rd May
Board Meeting at the Masonic Hall.

10th May
Combined Clubs Meeting at USC.

17th May
Maleny Hotel at 6:30 for 7:00pm with Guest Speaker TBC.
1st Nancy Baker  4th Phillip Stark  8th David Fraser 12th Chris Brooker  23rd John McLennan  27th Chris Ross Smith & John Whan

13th Jeff & Jan Cornfoot  26th Bill & Marlene Hankinson


Several days ago, as I left a meeting, I desperately gave myself a personal search. I was looking for my car keys.

They were not in my pockets. A quick search in the meeting room revealed nothing.

Suddenly I realized I must have left them in the car. Frantically, I headed for the car park.
My husband has scolded me many times for leaving the keys in the ignition.
My theory is the ignition is the best place not to lose them. His theory is that the car will be stolen.

As I scanned the car park I came to a terrifying conclusion! His theory was right. The car park was empty.

I immediately called the police. I gave them my location, confessed that I had left my keys in the car, and that it had been stolen.

Then I made the most difficult call of all.
"Hello My Love", I stammered; I always call him "My Love" in times like these. "I left my keys in the car, and it has been stolen."

There was a period of silence. I thought the call had disconnected, but then I heard his voice. He barked, "I dropped you off!"

Now it was my time to be silent. Embarrassed, I said, "Well, come and get me."

He retorted, "I will, as soon as I convince this policeman I have not stolen your bloody car."

This is what they call, " the Golden Years!"

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